HiScript® II U One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit

HiScript® II U One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit

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HiScript II U+ One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit  is specially designed for qPCRs that directly use RNA (i.e. virus RNA) as templates. Using gene specific primers (GSP), the reverse transcription and qPCR can be finished in one tube, significantly reducing pipetting procedures and the risk of contamination. This kit contains a dUTP/ UDG system that can prevent the contamination of PCR product. The HiScript II Reverse Trancriptase and hot-start Champagne Taq DNA Polymerase in this kit enable high-sensitive total RNA detection (as little as 0.1 pg or < 10 copies). The HiScript II U+ One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit is provided in master mix. The 2× One Step U+ Mix contains an optimized buffer and dNTP/dUTP mix, and is suitable for high-sensitive detection systems based on fluorescence labelled probes (i.e. TaqMan®).






100 tests/kit


5,000 tests/kit

All components should be stored at -20.