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Summer Sale. Happening now! Stock up and save big!


Custom Baskets for Lab Supplies

Every lab relies on a plethora of critical reagents, equipment, and consumables for their research endeavors. We hear from our customers daily about their struggles with high prices, product performance issues, lack of support, unreliable supplies, or simply the inability to source certain items.

Far too often, sales representatives from suppliers inquire about individual products without considering the comprehensive workflow requirements of your research.

At GeneBio Systems, we pride ourselves on being a local Canadian supplier offering over 180,000 products to assist you. We are dedicated to helping you save money, time, and procure only the supplies that align with your workflow needs.

In pursuit of this goal, we have curated three custom baskets featuring products that span multiple workflow steps. Moreover, we are committed to assembling a customized basket tailored precisely to your application and workflow requirements.

Please refer to the document "Custom Baskets for Lab Supplies" for further details. Choose from our selection of Ready-to-Purchase baskets or allow us to create one exclusively for you, today.

McMaster ABB Lab Store June Promotion 



 ABB Lab Store - GeneBio Systems now supplies through ABB Lab Stores at McMaster! Promotion runs from June 3-12! Orders to be done through lab store for this promotion. 






UHN Supply Centre Ariba June Promotion 

  UHN Supply Centre Ariba - GeneBio Systems now supplies through Ariba at UHN! Until June 30th earn 10% in store credit or 10% off with a quote!




Nucleic Acid Isolation Sale. 

  Buy more save more on plasmid miniprep, midiprep, maxiprep, PCR and gel purification, genomic DNA and RNA isolation and our popular TRAzol



Volume-based automatic saving (VBAS). 

Help yourself with our Volume-based automatic Savings; huge savings when you order more-anytime, automatically online, or offline orders, available for our popular products. Examples of VBAS: 

1. Trazol-our popular RNA isolation reagent, validated by several labs in Canada. 

TRAzol RNA Reagent (MagZol Reagent) R1022  Up to 20% off


2. Get high performance ECL substrate and save.

ECLiFemto™ ECL Chemiluminescence Kit ECL01-01 

or ECLiPico™ ECL Chemiluminescence Kit ECL02-01 Up to 25% off


3. SYBR Green qPCR must be high performance and be cost effective!

PerfectStart® Universal Green qPCR SuperMix AQ602-01

Or save even more with GB-Amp™ Sybr Green qPCR Mix P2092 

Up to 40% off


4. Magnetic Beads for DNA purification and Size selection

GB-Magic DNA Magnetic Beads N411-01

Up to 45% off

5. DNA Ladders with good size range and clear bands

 GB-Ruler™ 1 kb DNA Ladder Plus M1191  or

GB-Ruler™ 100 bp DNA Ladder Plus M1071

Up to 21% off


Club G Benefit

1. Buy in Bulk and Save

2. Secure supply and avoid backorders

3. Store with us and save lab space

4. Collect Biobucks points

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BioBucks Loyalty Program Sign up

Welcome to BioBucks, the loyalty program designed to reward GeneBio Systems valued customers for their continued support and purchases. This guideline document provides an overview of how the BioBucks loyalty program works, including internal considerations for the implementation of the program.

Sign up using this link

Free Shipping

Ordering at $300 or more? Enjoy free shipping, online or offline orders. 


Ordering <$300. No problem, find out our low shipping rates and order. 

In Ontario, $24.99; Provinces Outside of Ontario $29.99. 

Talk to us if you are ordering outside of Canada. 

    *Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Offer ends December 31th 2024.


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