General RNA Extraction Kit

General RNA Extraction Kit

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General RNA Extraction Kit

Catalog No.: R1051 (50 preps)

Kit Contents

Component R1051
50 preps
Solution RL 60 ml
Wash Buffer RPI 18 ml
Wash Buffer RW 12 ml
DEPC-treated water 10 ml
RNase-free Spin Column 50 each
RNase-free Microcentrifuge Tube 50 each

Materials supplied by the users:

• Chloroform

• Ethanol (96–100%)


General RNA Extraction Kit provides a simple method of isolating total RNA from a wide range of sample types and amounts. In general, samples are lysed and then homogenized in the presence of guanidinium isothiocyanate, a chaotropic salt which is capable of protecting the RNA from endogenous RNases. After homogenization, ethanol is added to the sample. The sample is then processed through a spin column containing a clear silica-based membrane where the RNA binds. Any impurities are effectively removed by subsequent washing. The purified total RNA is then eluted in RNase-Free Water and is suitable for use in a variety of downstream applications.

Downstream Applications

Purified RNA is free of impurities and enzyme inhibitors, and have an A260/280=1.8-2.0, is suitable for applications such as:

• Reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR)

• Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR)

• Northern blotting

• Nuclease protection assays

• RNA amplification for microarray analysis

• cDNA library preparation after poly(A)+ selection


• Stable yield

• Reliable performance of high-quality purified total RNA in downstream applications


DEPC-treated water store at -20 ̊C, other reagents store at 2-8 ̊C, protect from light. Kit contents are stable for up to 12 months when stored properly.

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