GB-Magic™ DNA Magnetic Beads

GB-Magic™ DNA Magnetic Beads

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The usage of GB-Magic DNA Beads is the same as the AMPure® XP Beads (Beckman, Cat.No. #A63881), which is widely used in NGS library preparation. The yield and size distribution of the libraries prepared with GB-Magic DNA Beads are equivalent with those with AMPure® XP Beads. The cost-effective GB-Magic DNA Beads can replace the AMPure® XP Beads in your current protocols. 

In addition to workflows in NGS for size selection and clean up, GB-Magic DNA Beads enables reaction clean-up, after ligation and PCR steps in general.

GB-Magic  effectively  removes salts, primers, primer-dimers and dNTPs. The protocol can be performed manually, or adapted to liquid handling workstations (e.g. Agilent, Beckman, Caliper, Eppendorf, Hamilton, PerkinElmer and Tecan) using individual tube, 96- or 384-well formats. 


GB-Magic is perfectly-suited to the following applications:

• NGS library preparation
• Sanger sequencing
• Recovery from enzymatic reactions