VAHTS mRNA-seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina

The VAHTS mRNA-seq V2 Library Prep Kit for Illumina® is specially designed for constructing ready-to-use transcriptome libraries for next generation sequencing (NGS) sequencers of Illumina. 

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  • 24 reactions
  • 96 reactions

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With 0.1 µg-4 µg input total RNA of animal, plant, or fungal, this kit is intended be used for mRNA isolation, fragmentation, synthesis of cDNA, end-repair, dA-tailing, adapter-ligation, size selection of library, and library amplification. The kit has been tested and verified to provide stable and repeatable output cDNA library. 

 ComponentsNR601-01 (24 rxn)NR601-02 (96 rxn)
NR 1mRNA Capture Beads1.2 ml4.8 ml
Beads Binding Buffer1.2 ml4.8 ml
Beads Wash Buffer9.6  ml38.4 ml
Tris Buffer1.2 ml4.8 ml
NR 2Frag/Prime Buffer468 μl2 × 936 μl
1st Strand Buffer144  μl576 μl
1st Strand Enzyme Mix48 μl192 μl
2nd Strand Buffer4 80  μl2 × 960 μl
2nd Strand Enzyme Mix120  μl480 μl
NR 3End Prep Mix960 μl4 × 960 μl
dA-Tailing Buffer Mix24 0 μl960 μl
dA-Tailing Enzyme Mix60 μl240 μl
Ligation Mix60 μl240 μl
Stop Ligation Mix12 0 μl480 μl
PCR Primer Mix12 0 μl480 μl
Amplification Mix6 0 0 μl2 × 600 μl

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