Trans1-T1 Phage Chemically Competent Cell

Trans1-T1 Phage Chemically Competent Cell

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Trans1-T1 Phage Resistant Chemically Competent Cell is specifically designed for chemical transformation of DNA. It permits a transformation efficiency of over 109 cfu/μg DNA (tested by pUC19 plasmid DNA).


F-φ80(lacZ)ΔM15ΔlacX74hsdR(rk-, mk+)ΔrecA1398endA1tonA


• High transformation efficiency: >109 cfu/μg (pUC19 DNA).

• Fast-growing, colonies are visible in 8~9 hours.

• Resistance to T1 and T5 phage.

• Blue/white selection.


at -70 °C for six months


Higher efficiency transformation can be achieved by transforming cells immediately following thawing.

Avoid repeated thawing.

Gentle handling is required for the entire procedure.


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