PCR-24F,PCR-36F, PCR-48F
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Purair PCR Workstation Features and Benefits

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Convenience and Construction Benefits

  • Purair PCR laminar flow cabinets/workstations/hoods are available in three model sizes with various options.
  • Cabinets are shipped fully assembled with standard power cords; no installation required.
  • The integral UV lamp fixtures are pre-installed.
  • All PCR hood filters are pre-installed, easy to access and easy to change.
  • Purair PCR laminar flow cabinets/workstations/hoods products are designed for desktop use, or may be installed on an optional base (extra charges) stand or mobile cart (not supplied).
  • The high capacity air handling system delivers flow velocity of 0.45 m/s or 90 fpm.
  • Purair PCR workstations/hoods/cabinets are constructed of steel with a microbial powder finish coating.
  • The optional stainless steel work surface includes lips on all four sides to contain spills.
  • CSA-certified

Purair PCR Ductless Fume Hood airflow


A. Task Lighting: Fluorescent cabinet lamp located away from laminar flow area.

B. Ultraviolet Lighting: Built-in ultraviolet lamp with timer permits decontamination between PCR cycles. Includes a double-flap safety cover of 0.2" (5 mm) UV absorbing 254 nm beta radiation resistant polycarbonate; provides superior operator protection while allowing easy access to the work zone. Timer can be set over range of 0 to 60 minutes or set to HOLD.

C. Comfort: Ergonomically angled front improves reach and user comfort.

D. Decontamination Shelf: Mounted on the back wall is proximate to the UV lamp for maximum exposure.

E. Filter: Camfil Farr main HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency for 0.3 micron particulates. The pre-filter can be changed while the unit is operating to prevent operator exposure to chemical vapors.

F. Pass Through Ports: Convenient rear-wall pass through ports for safe routing of instrument cords, cables and leads.

G. Double-Hinged Self-Locking Front Sash: With overlap closed, the cabinet sash protects samples on the work surface from contamination with 100 fpm airflow. The sash completely closes unit off when not in use and is easy to open and latch.

PCR ductless fume hood callouts
Purair PCR-24, shown with optional mobile cart and optional stainless steel work surface.
H. Fan: High-performance ebmpapst™ centrifugal fan.

I. Stand: Optional base stand converts to mobile cart with optional locking casters.

J. Work Surface: Large polypropylene work surface, white or black standard, with optional stainless steel work surface available.

K. Filter Door Key: Prevents unauthorized removal or accidental exposure to dirty filters.

L. Magnetic Door Latch: Safety interlock prevents accidental operator exposure when door is opened.

OTHER FEATURES of the PCR workstations/PCR cabinets/PCR hoods:
360 Degree Visibility: Clear back and side panels
allow ambient illumination into the chamber and provide users with an unobstructed view of its contents.

Standards Compliant: Performance specifications and construction meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and relevant international standards to assure operator safety.

Construction: All models are available in either metal or polypropylene construction, specify metal or polypropylene when ordering. Available in 120V, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz models.

Steel Support Frame: The chemical resistant epoxy coated steel frame adds mechanical strength. Optional all polypropylene construction is available if desired.

atured Purair PCR Laminar Flow Workstation Models


Enclosure designed for polymerese chain-reaction (PCR) applications. Includes: UV decontamination cycle can be set by the timer on the control panel (0-60 min), UV lamp switch and UV timers are integrated into one switch Class 10 (US Fed Std 209E) / ISO Class 4 product protection with 99.99% (at 0.3 microns) HEPA-filtered vertical laminar air flow Mini-pleat HEPA filter with aluminum frames All components of the cabinet are cleanroom compatible and do not particulate Industrial-grade centrifugal fan that delivers high airflow volumes at low noise levels Main construction: white powder-coated electro-galvanized steel with Polycarbonate double-flap front cover provides safety to the operator. All electrical components are UL-approved or recognized, All Units are 110-130VAC 60HZ or 230VAC 50HZ.

1 HEPA filter (for particulates) INCLUDED ($64 value)






GPR chemical resistant spillage tray

No charge

No charge

No charge

Stainless Steel spillage tray




Heavy duty steel cart with lockable casters




Integral fluorescent lighting-($175 value)

No charge

No charge

No charge

Cable slip ports- Qty 2 rear wall-($95 value)

No charge

No charge

No charge

Fan Speed Controller- ($250 value)

No charge

No charge

No charge

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