MagicPure Size Selection DNA Beads

MagicPure Size Selection DNA Beads

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Size: 1mL. 

5mL, 60mL and other sizes are also available. 


MagicPure™ Size Selection DNA beads is based on the technology of solid phase reverse immobilization. The beads are suitable for purify, concentrate, and size selection of DNA when constructing NGS library. MagicPureTM Size Selection DNA beads can be used together with any library preparation kits.



Avoid freezing the beads.

Equilibrate the beads to room temperature before use.

Beads should be mixed thoroughly before use.

80% ethanol should be freshly prepared.

When transferring DNA product,we recommend leaving 2-3 μl of supernatant to avoid the beads being disturbed during the process.

If ligation product is being selected directly. PEG and some other compound in the ligation system may affect the result of the selection. User may need to adjust the selection system according to depending on the circumstances.



at 2-8℃ for one year. Avoid freezing


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Magnetic DNA Beads

1 ml

5 ml

60 ml


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