Lambda DNA/HindIII

Lambda DNA-Hind III Digest Molecular Weight Marker

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The Hind III digest of lambda DNA yields 8 fragments (125、564 、2,027、2,322、4,361、6,557、9,416、23,130 bp) suitable for use as molecular weight standards for agarose gel electrophoresis. λDNA /Hind Ⅲ is pre-mixed with loading buffer and is ready to use.

Recommended load
2-5 µl/Lane

Recommended Electrophoresis Condition
8 cm, 0.7% agarose gel, 1×TAE, 7 V/cm, 45 min

Content s(bp)
125、564 、2,027、2,322、4,361、6,557、9,416、23,130

Storage Stable for 3 months at RT, for long-time storage, please store at -20℃.

Note: The cohesive ends of fragments 1 and 4 may cause formation of extra band 27491 bp.

The fragments may be separated by heating to 65°C for 3 minutes before loading the sample on the gel.