GB-Amp™ 2X PCR Master mix (with loading dye)

GB-Amp™ 2X PCR Master mix (with loading dye)

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PCR Master Mix is a premixed solution containing all essential components and reagents required to conduct a PCR assay. It significantly simplifies the analysis of PCR products and the preparation of PCR samples. It is specified for requiring high sensitivity, such as somatic mutations and microbial DNA detection. Generally, the master mix catalog includes thermostable Taq DNA polymerase recombinant, dNTPs, stabilizers, cofactor (MgCl2), and enhancers, all in a reaction buffer.

Applications of GB-Amp™ 2X PCR Master Mix Products

  • Routine PCR
  • Primer dimers reduction
  • Various primer-extension reactions, including labeling, signaling, and sequencing

Features and Benefits of our Product

  • Incredible amplification — The Green PCR Master guarantees up to 6 kb amplification of PCR products.
  • It is resistant to impurities.
  • Quick and convenient — Our 2x master mixes are equipped with gel loading dyes and other additives, including Taq DNA polymers facilitating direct loading of the products and templates onto the agarose gels. 

The GB-Amp™ 2X universal PCR Master Mix is designed to make work easier, save time, and eliminate errors in proportioning and measurements. If you have been looking to streamline and improve your lab experiments, the state-of-the-art GB-Amp™ 2X Universal PCR Master Mix is a great option. 

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