ClonExpress II One Step Cloning Kit

ClonExpress II One Step Cloning Kit

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Easy, fast, and efficient.

• Directional cloning at any site on any vector.

• No need to consider the restriction enzyme cutting sites carried on inserts.

• Efficient cloning of fragments of 50 bp-10 kb.

• Ligase and phosphatase-independent; True positive rate > 95%.

• Linearized vector and PCR products can be used directly without purification.

In cloning by ClonExpress II, a small sequence overlapped with each end of the cloning site is added onto the insert through PCR. The insert and the linearized vector, with overlapped sequences of 15 bp-20 bp on both 5’- and 3’-end, respectively, are mixed and incubated with Exnase II at 37℃ for 30 min (Fig. 1.). The cloning products can then be directly transformed to competent cells with a true positive rate > 95%.

This kit contains Exnase II and an optimized buffer with a unique recombinant enhancer which significantly improves the recombination efficiency. In addition, Exnase II is compatible with the reaction systems of restriction enzyme digestion and PCR, which means that both the digestion products of vector and the PCR products of insert can be directly used for recombination without purification, significantly simplifying the procedures.

Cloning competent cells can be ordered with this cloning kit. Please ask us for help if you need to add the competent cells to your order of this cloning kit. 

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