Bionesium(TM) Alkaline Phosphatase

Bionesium(TM) Alkaline Phosphatase

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Product Properties


Optimal reaction temperature: 37.

Definition of active unit: 1 active unit is defined as the amount of enzyme 

needed to dephosphorylate 1μg of pUC19 plasmid vector in 30m at 37 

(dephosphorylation is defined as 95% inhibitory action on re-cyclization

 in the self-linking reaction, and measured through transformation into E. 


Quality Control


Purity ≥ 95%, residual host cell DNA ≤ 100pg/mg, residual host cell protein 

≤ 50ppm, residual endotoxin ≤10EU/mg, no residual RNase, endonuclease, 

exonuclease or protease, germ-free, pathogen-free.



Product Features


Dephosphorylation of DNA and RNA 5’ and 3’ termini. Can be used for DNA 

dephosphorylation before terminus-labelling by T4 polynucleotide kinase. 

Used for treatment of dNTPs in PCR reactions prior to sequencing or SNP 

analysis. Reducing the immunogenicity of mRNA in mammals by 

dephosphorylating mRNA. Avoiding re-cyclization during the cloning process 

by dephosphorylating DNA cloning vector. No BSA system, less heat source 



-Quality System, Quality management Systems (QMS), ISO13485 or ISO9001-certified and GMP-compliant

-All products have Certificate of Analysis (CoA) available.

-Some products have Drug Master Files (DMF FDA)  Available

-No animal origination attestation

-Comparable with brand name products for activity, purity, impurity, residual host DNA/residual host protein etc.

-ICH and pharmacopeia

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