Achiever(TM) DNA Polymerase

Achiever(TM) DNA Polymerase

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Achiever(TM) DNA Polymerase allows amplification of the higher fidelity and longer templates than the single-enzyme formulations. It is also a better choice for amplifying complex template, such as GC-rich and secondary structure-harboring template. And it is suitable as a direct replacement for ordinary Taq Polymerase in most applications. In addition, Using Taq plus results in 3´-dA overhangs PCR products, which can be used in TA clone.

Higher fidelity: Its fidelity is four times higher than ordinary Taq polymerase.
High yields: Suitable for amplifying complex template which is rich in GC or repeat sequence or that contains secondary structures.
Long-range amplification by PCR. Large fragments as large as 20 kb for plasmid, phage DNA and 10 kb genomic DNA can be routinely amplified. 

Quality Control
The absence of endodeoxyribonucleases, exodeoxyribonucleases and ribonucleases confirmed by appropriate quality tests

Functionally tested in PCR

Definition of Activity Unit
One unit is defined as the amount of the enzyme required to catalyze the incorporation of 10 nM of dNTPs into an acid-insoluble form in 30 minutes at 70°C using hering sperm DNA as substrate.

Store all components at –20°C

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