Slider LED Imager


Looking for a high performance LED gel viewing Imager, The Slider LED Imager lets you view and document gels of all kinds safely in one, with high degree of sensitivity.

And yes, you can also cut bands from agarose gels right on the Slider LED Imager, withou needing the face shield or the goggle.

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The Slider imager is for gel viewing band curring and gel imaging, all in one.

We have also set a low price compared to similar products to help you make your acquisition of this unit.

Dark room for photography furnished by a brand-name camera.

WiFi connectivity, so that you do not need to use the memory card all the time.

This means that you can transfer and print your imaging data on your computer using either the WiFi or the memory card, whichever is convenient to you.

The LCD monitor can be rotated to help you easily perform photography.

Light source: 470 nm.

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