VAHTS Universal Plus DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina®

VAHTS Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina V4

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VAHTS Universal DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina V4 is a library preparation kit targeted for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform optimization. 100 pg-1 μg of fragmented double-stranded DNA can be converted into a dedicated library for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. As a new generation of upgraded version, the kit can improve the conversion rate of low-quality template libraries and reduce the repetition rate of libraries by optimizing and improving the terminal repair module, connecting module and library amplification module. This kit is widely suitable for PCR or PCR-free library preparation of a variety of samples, and is compatible with the targeted capture process. All reagents provided in the kit have undergone strict quality control and functional validation to ensure the stability and repeatability of library preparation to the greatest extent.

Product Advantages

1. The product does not require purification, and adapter ligation, library enrichment and sorting can be performed directly.

2. The 100 pg - 1 μg template DNA can be converted into a dedicated library for Illumina high-performance sequencing platforms.

3. Mechanical disruption of the genome is eliminated. Library preparation is simplified and the operating time is reduced.

4. Applicable to PCR library construction.

5. Fully compatible with DNA from different sources and different input amounts.


This kit is suitable for preparing a dedicated library for the Illumina high-performance sequencing platform. It can be used with an initial input of 100 pg - 1 μg, and is suitable for various species such as animals, plants and microorganisms, as well as genomic DNA or paraffin-embedded DNA (FFPE DNA), etc. Suitable for:

1. Whole genome sequencing

2. Whole exome sequencing or other target capture sequencing

3. Metagenome sequencing

4. Methylation sequencing (in combination with Phanta UC Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase for

5. Library Amplification, Vazyme #P507)-Available from GeneBio Systems. 


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