TransDetect® Alkaline Phosphatase Live Detection Kit

TransDetect® Alkaline Phosphatase Live Detection Kit

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This kit provides a fast, simple and sensitive method for AP detection without fixing the cells. The reagent is nontoxic to the cells, and the fluorescent signal will be discharged from the cells by exocytosis completely within two hours after removal of the staining solution, allowing the cell being used for following studies. 


• Do not use pluripotent stem cell culture medium to dilute the 500×AP Live Solution. Do not observe the result in pluripotent stem

cell culture medium.

• Since AP is ubiquitously expressed in most cell types and highest in pluripotent stem cells. It is normal that dim staining can be

observed in some somatic cells such as CHO cells, HeLa cells and cells from the placenta, and so on.

• After removal of dye from the media, fluorescently labeled cells lose their signal by exocytosis in 1.5-2 hours, please observe the

results within 1 hour after staining.

• Please avoid repeated freezing and thawing. When necessary, the working concentration can be increased.


Store at -20℃ in a dark place. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing

Kit Content




AP Live Solution (500×)

20 μl

50 μl

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