Sneeze Guard for Counter or Desk Top Acrylic Shield Free Standing-Office-Retail-School-Large Size-36''H-31.5"W


  • Dimensions: 36"H x 31.5"W x 5 mm thick
  • Clear transparent acrylic plexiglass
  • Pass-through window: 13" W and 6" H
  • Extra-wide support feet: 12" W
  • Free, Fast Same-day Shipping from Ontario
  • Portable, tabletops—perfect for service, offices and sales environments. Easy to wipe clean and sanitize. .
  • Easy three-piece set up. No tool required. Rationally designed by a proudly Canadian company.    

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A protective shield-sneeze and cough guard adds an extra layer of social distancing protection for both your colleagues, staff, employees and customers. This desk/counter-top shield is made from acrylic and is free standing and features a pass-through for transactions. It's easy to clean and super-easy to install - no tools are required. Dimensions are 36'' (H) X 31.5'' (W) (3 feet by 2 feet 8 inches) with a X 5 mm, (D) providing a sturdy shield with a clear, transparent view. Different sizes and dimensions are available, please contact us for more information. Note: for large desks or counters, two or more sneeze guards can be arranged side-by-side.  



  •          Reduce exposure to hazards and provides physical barrier from anyone who is coughing or sneezing, thereby reducing exposure to hazards.”
  •          Desk/ Counter top Clear Acrylic shield for Protection from Spray and Splatter.
  •          Super easy to install.
  •          Place screens side by side to create a protective guard between space for public use and space for workers.
  •          Each shield measures 31.5 inch wide x 36 inch tall x 5mm thick.
  •          Ideal for All Offices, Labs,  Retail Stores, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Pubs, Salons and spas, General merchandise stores, specialty stores and more.

A Guide to Buying A Portable Sneeze Guard

Size:  There is a large selection of sneeze guards, based on size dimensions. The larger sneeze guards, in general, offer better protection. Some of the commercial sneeze guards currently available are not high enough, and thus offer protection only when both parties on opposite sides of the sneeze guard sit down and are sitting close to the guard. Once one or both parties stands up, the protection is no longer present.  For protection during both sitting down and standing interactions, the sneeze guard should be at least 35’’ above the counter/desk/bench. Similarly, a unit should be at least 28‘’ wide.


Value/size: To evaluate the value of the sneeze guard, we propose a concept based on the ratio of price and surface area (price per square inch (PPSI) or $/Square Inch). The reason for this is that the main, or often the only, raw material that goes into making a sneeze guard is the polymer material (acrylic or polycarbonate). I

n this example, PPSI = $179/(36’’x 31.5’’) = $0.158/sq. in.  Of course, when comparing two products, the product with the lower PPSI has the better value, all other considerations being the same.


Thickness: To a large extent, the thicker the better, with 5 mm to 6 mm being the best. Thinner guards (<3 mm thick) may not be stable or strong enough, when used as a portable sneeze guard.


Pass-through: To facilitate exchange between the two parties, be it documents, merchandise or payment, there needs to be a reasonable size pass-through window at the bottom of the sneeze guard.


Ease of assembly/installation: some sneeze guards can be put together in 2 minutes by the purchaser without the use of any tools, whereas others may take 30 minutes or longer to install with the use of a tools.


Shipping Cost: there is a range of shipping options, from free shipping to low ship cost to high shipping costs.


Delivery time: There are offers that state next day shipping is provided, but nonetheless often with 1-2 months of shipping/delivery time. “Next day shipping” may mean by the manufacturing, which may be in another country. Be sure to choose a supplier that offers an optimal delivery time that works for you.




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