VAHTS mRNA Capture Beads

VAHTSTM mRNA Capture Beads is a 1 μm diameter paramagnetic microsphere conjugated with  Oligo (dT) and is suitable for the isolation of poly (A) + RNA from purified total RNA. The magnetic separation technique is used to separate intact mRNA from small-volume samples, avoiding the step of mRNA precipitation. The entire operation can be completed within one hour.

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  • 24 reactions
  • 96 reactions

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Storage conditions

Store at 4 °C.

Other necessary materials

Magnetic rack/stand

Nuclease-free PCR Tube

Scope of application

Suitable for separating poly(A)+ RNA from 0.5 μg-11 μg intact RNA (RIN value should be ≥8). Incomplete or degraded total RNA will result in partial loss of poly(A)+ RNA messages.

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