VAHTS Total RNA-seq (H/M/R) Library Prep Kit for Illumina with rRNA depletion

VAHTS Total RNA-seq (H-M-R) Library Prep Kit for Illumina with rRNA depletion

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The initial template is prepared with 0.1 µg-1 µg of total RNA of human, mouse, or rat. Compared with traditional transcriptome library preparation kits, this kit enables the depletion of ribosomal RNA (rRNA), including both cytoplasmic (28S, 18S, 5.8S, and 5S) and mitochondrial (16S and 12S) rRNA, leaving mRNA and other non-coding RNA behind. This kit is suitable for subsequent non-coding RNA analysis such as lncRNA. Degraded RNA (i.e. FFPE RNA) could also be used to prepare the library with this kit. In addition, this kit enables the insertion of dUTP during the 2nd strand synthesis of cDNA. The double strand cDNA are digested by uracil-DNA glycosylase (UDG) to remove the second strand before sequencing. As a result, only information from the 1st strand cDNA is preserved. In addition to standard transcriptome information, strand-specific (i.e. from sense or anti-sense DNA) information can also be obtained from NGS data analysis.

Kit Components:

Components NR603-01 (24 rxn) NR603-02 (96 rxn)
NR 4 rRNA Probe (H/M/R) 24 μl 96 μl
  Probe Buffer 72 μl 288 μl
  RNaseH Buffer 24 μl 96 μl
  RNaseH 96 μl 384 μl
  DNase I Buffer 672 μl 4 × 672 μl
  DNase I  48 μl 192 μl
NR 5 Frag/Prime Buffer 444 μl 2 × 888 μl
  Actinomycin D (5 mg/ml) 24 μl 96 μl
  1st Strand Buffer 144 μl 576 μl
  1st Strand Enzyme Mix 48 μl 192 μl
  2nd Strand Marking Buffer 480 μl 2 × 960 μl
  2nd Strand/End Repair Enzyme Mix 120 μl 480 μl
NR 6 dA-Tailing Buffer Mix 240 μl 960 μl
  dA-Tailing Enzyme Mix 60 μl 240 μl
  Ligation Mix 60 μl 240 μl
  Stop Ligation Mix 120 μl 480 μl
  PCR Primer Mix 120 μl 480 μl
  Amplification Mix 600 μl 4 × 600 μl
  Heat-labile UDG 24 μl 96 μl