VAHTS Small RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina®

VAHTS Small RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina®

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The 3' and 5' ends of the small RNA are each ligated with a universal linker, followed by reverse transcription, PCR amplification, and PAGE gel or magnetic bead purification steps, resulting in a sequencing library for the Illumina platform.  The kit contains all enzymes and buffers required for library construction and purification. All components have undergone stringent quality control and functional verification, ensuring the stability and reproducibility of library construction to the greatest extent.

Wide range of species compatibility

Wide variety of species: total RNA of animal and plant cells/tissues, isolated and purified small RNA, and other types of total RNA (such as total exosomal RNA) all can be used as starting templates;

Wide range of starting: RNA concentration: Compatible with 100 ng-1 μg total RNA input.

High library abundance:

There is less contamination of the adaptors, a higher proportion of the final effective library, a high proportion of miRNAs, and better coverage compared to other small RNA library preparation kits..

A variety of purification options:

The kit contains all the components required for library construction, providing library purification methods for magnetic bead sorting and PAGE gel separation. The user can choose which method of purification to use based on the quality of the library being purified.

Optimized kit performance:

Single-tube operation, high library output, good correlation aamongparallel replicates.

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