VAHTS RNA Adapters set1/set2 for Illumina®

VAHTS RNA Adapters set1-set2 for Illumina®

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 VAHTSTM RNA Adapters set1/set2 for Illumina® is intended for constructing RNA-seq libraries for Illumina. They can also be used with VAHTSTM mRNA-seq v2 Library Prep Kit for Illumina® (NR601) and VAHTSTM Stranded mRNA-seqLibrary Prep Kit for Illumina®(NR602), VAHTSTM Total RNA-seq (H/M/R) Library Prep Kit for Illumina®(NR603)。 Set1 (N803) contains RNA Adapter 1-12, total of 12 types of Index Adaptors; Set2 (N804) contains RNA Adapter13-27, a total of 12 different Index adaptors。 Each batch of adaptors has passed stringent QC and functionality testing。

Adaptors are  for a total of 24 types of indexing for multiplexing.

Stringent quality control and functional testing for each batch. 

Table: Index sequence for the 24 adaptors


*2.5 μl RNA Adaptor per RNa library prep。
kits N803-01 and N804-01 contains sufficient adaptors for 4 library preps. Each kit provides sufficient RNA Adaptors for a total of 48 library preps. 
Kits N803-02 and N804-02 contains sufficient adaptors for 16 library preps,Each kit provides sufficient RNA Adaptors for a total of  192 library preps.