VAHTS Library Quantification Kit for IIIumina  (DNA Standards)

VAHTS Library Quantification Kit for IIIumina (DNA Standards)

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 The kit uses a new dye-based qPCR premix VAHTSTM SYBR® qPCR Master Mix based on antibody hot start. This premix has many advantages such as high specificity, high amplification efficiency, wide adaptability of GC content, high detection sensitivity, etc., and is very suitable for absolute quantification of library concentration. All reagents provided in the kit have undergone strict quality control to ensure the reproducibility of experimental results between different batches to the greatest extent.


Accurate sensitivity: accurate quantification of dsDNA samples with a concentration of 10 pg/µl to 100 ng/µl;
Ultra-high specificity: This product has a high degree of selectivity for double-stranded DNA, is not affected by RNA, and has some conventional pollutants, such as salt, free nucleotides, proteins, solvents, detergents, etc. Excellent tolerance;
Convenience of operation: This product is easy to operate. The fluorescence detection reagent is diluted with a buffer solution into a working solution, and then the dsDNA sample to be tested is added to the Qubit® Fluorometer for detection. This operation can be performed at room temperature. 


All components should be stored at -20°C, Master Mix and ROX should be protected from light

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