Lyticase (10 U/ul)

Lyticase (10U-ul)

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DNA can be extracted from yeast by using lyticase or equivalent enzymes to induce partial spheroplast formation; spheroplasts are subsequently disrupted to release DNA. Lyticase is preferred to digest cell walls of yeast and generate spheroplasts from fungi for transformation.

Lyticase has been reported to be useful for lysis of Ashbya, Candida, Debaryomyces, Eremothecium, Endomyces, Hansenula, Hanseniaspora, Kloeckera, Kluyveromyces, Lipomyces, Metschikowia, Pichia, Pullularia, Torulopsis, Saccharomyces, Saccharomycopsis, Saccharomycodes, and Schwanniomyces species.