Human Complement C1q-like protein 2(C1QL2) ELISA kit

Human Complement C1q-like protein 2(C1QL2) ELISA kit

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Size: 96 Tests. Other sizes are also available. Please Inquire.

Research topic:Cell Biology

Uniprot ID:Q7Z5L3


Former Code:

Alias:C1QTNF10, CTRP10, C1q and tumor necrosis factor related protein 10|C1q-domain containing protein|gliacolin-like

Product Type:ELISA Kit

Sample Type:

Detect Range:Request Information


Antigen Name:complement component 1, q subcomponent-like 2


Protein Biological Process 1:

Protein Biological Process 2:

Protein Biological Process 3:

Assay Time:1-5h

Sample Volume:50-100ul

Detection Wavelength :450 nm

Delievery Date:7-14 working days

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