BLU-Taq™ 2× Taq Master Mix

GB-Amp™ 2X PCR Master mix (with loading dye)

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Cryo-protective reagents in the 2× Taq Master Mix enable the resistance to repeated freeze-thaw cycles. With more than 13 high-impact factor journals citing the use of this product and known for its robust amplification for up to 6 kb of PCR products in size and resistance to impurities, this reagent should work for most of your PCR and amplification applications. 

GB-Amp™ 2 x PCR Master mix (with loading dye) is provided with gel loading dyes which enable direct loading PCR products onto agarose gels.

Taq DNA Polymerase included in this master mix is a thermostable DNA polymerase that possesses a 5 '→3 ' polymerase activity and a 5 ' flap endonuclease activity. The PCR products contain A at the 3'-end and thus can be directly cloned into T-Vectors of TA cloning kits.