PCR Enhancing Reagent

PCR Enhancing Reagent can be used to improve PCR of difficult targets. These targets may have high GC content, and/or strong secondary structures. The use of some chemicals, often referred as cosolvents, like the PCR Enhancing Reagent, can help reducing the melting temperature of the DNA structures, thus enabling the target amplification. 1.5 ml or 7.5 ml of 10x concentrate is provided.

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  • 1.5 ml
  • 7.5 ml

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The PCR Enhancing Reagent is supplied in 10 x conc. Simply add the reagent in PCR reactions in the 1x-3x final concentration. We recommend that for each target, a series of reactions are set up to titrate the concentration of the PCR Enhancing Reagent in 1x, 2x, and 3 x concentrations.

The PCR Enhancing Reagent is also referred to as PCR Enhancer. 

The effective melting temperature of primers in a reaction containing this reagent is reduced. Therefore, a decrease in annealing temperature of PCR is often required. 

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PCR Enchanc Reagent

User Manual for PCR Enhancing Reagent

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