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GB-Amp™ HotStart Taq 2x Master Mix

This product includes our Hotstart DNA Polymerse, dNTPs, and an optimized buffer system that allows for amplification by simply adding primers and templates, reducing pipetting and improving throughput and reproducibility. A protective agent added to the amplification
system allows the 2 × Master Mix to maintain stable activity after repeated freeze-thaw cycles.  

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  • 1 ml
  • 5 ml
  • 100 ml

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Used for end-point PCR, this product is available in a version containing electrophoresis buffer and dye. It can be directly electrophoresed after the reaction. The 3' end of the PCR product, A base, can be directly cloned into the T vectors (e.g., our TA-cloning kits:

When using this product for qPCR reactions, reliable standard curve can be obtained in a wide range and accurate qualification of target genes can be achieved with high repeatability and reliability.

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