2x GB-AMP™ PaCeR™ HP™ Master Mix

GB-AMP™ PaCeR™ HP™ DNA Polymerase is a superior performance, highly flexible enzyme for robust PCR with extreme fidelity, featuring 53x error rate lower than Taq polymerase and extension rate as fast as 1 sec / kb*.  This product is also capable of amplifying long fragments such as 20 kb genomic DNA and 40 kb λDNA. 

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  • 1 ml
  • 5 ml
  • 15 ml

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2x GB-AMP™ PaCeR™ HP™ Master Mix is a convenient ready-to-use mixture of GB-AMP™ PaCeR™  HP™ DNA polymerase, dNTP, buffer and magnesium ion. To set up a PCR reaction, you will only need to add the primers, the template and water. 

GB-AMP™ PaCeR™  HP™ DNA polymerase was derived from Pfu DNA Polymerase, after several iterative rounds of protein engineering, the enzyme boasts the on-board unique extension factor, specificity-promoting factors and plateau-inhibiting factor.

-Super Fidelity: 53-fold higher than Taq DNA Polymerase and 6-fold better than Pfu DNA polymerase

-Long Range capability: amplify fragments as long as 40 kbλ DNA, 20 kb genomic DNA and 10 kb cDNA

-Difficult PCR suitability: Amplify targets with as high as 85% GC

-Direct-PCR: resists inhibitors in crude lysates of bacteria, fungi, whole blood, cultured cells, plant tissues, etc.

-Superior Hot-Start enzyme, employing two MAb as molecular thermal switches of polymerase and proof-reading activities.

-Fast PCR: rate of synthesis more than 2x that of Taq DNA polymerase

In an internal comparison studies, GB-AMP™ PaCeR™  HP™ was compared in the following aspects with the leading all-round enzymes such as Phusion (Thermo) and eight other leading DNA polymerases for PCR:

a)       Success rate in amplifying human, mouse, rice, wheat, lambda and plasmid DNA, ranging in size from 305 to 14768 bp

b)      Sensitivity, i.e., ability to detect low copy templates,

c)       Speed of amplification with extension time as short as 1 s (for 450 bp) and 5 s (1135 bp)

d)      Amplification of  High GC template with GC as high as 85%

GB-AMP™ PaCeR™  HP™ was clearly the best all-round enzyme for robustness, sensitivity, speed, high GC amplification and Direct PCR!


The enzyme generates blunt-ended products and thus products can be cloned by our Blunt End Cloning Kits.


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