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GB-Amp™ qPCR Probe Master Mix

GB-Amp™ qPCR Probe Master Mix is designed for probe-based qPCR. Our hot-start DNA Polymerase and an optimized buffer significantly improve its sensitivity and specificity for qPCR. This kit is a 2× premixed ready-to-use reagent and can be used for robust and low-template qPCR with high sensitivity and specificity.  

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  • 1 ml
  • 5 ml

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When using this product for qPCR reactions, reliable standard curve can be obtained in a wide range and accurate qualification of target genes can be achieved with high repeatability and reliability.




(125 rxn / 20 µl reaction)


(500 rxn / 20 µl reaction)


(2,500 rxn / 20 µl reaction)

GB-Amp™ qPCR Probe Master Mix a

1.25 ml

1.25 ml × 4

Q112-02 × 5

  50 X ROX Reference Dye 1 b

50 µl

200 μl

  50 X ROX Reference Dye 2 b

50 µl

200 μl

a. Contains dNTP Mix, Mg2+, and our HotStart DNA Polymerase.
b. Used to rectify the error of fluorescence signals between different wells.

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