8-strip PCR Tubes with Caps

Size: 125 strips

8-strip PCR Tubes with Caps;

Made in ISO9001:2008 certified clean room, DNase and RNase-free. Autoclavable at 121 C,  freezable to -80 C.  

Available options:

a) Low Profile (lower height, 0.1 ml wells) vs. Standard Profile (higher, 0.2 ml wells);

b) White tubes vs. transparent (clear) tubes;

c) individually attached cap on tube, or 8-strip caps either flat top or domed top

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  • Clear, 0.1 ml, Domed Cap
  • Clear, 0.1 ml, Flat Cap
  • White Tube, 0.1 ml, Domed Cap
  • White Tube, 0.1 ml, Flat Cap
  • Clear, 0.2 ml, Domed Cap
  • Clear, 0.2 ml, Flat Cap
  • Clear, 0.2 ml, Attached Flat Cap
  • Clear, 0.2 ml, Attached Domed Cap

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White Vs. Clear:

White tubes direct significantly more signal back to the qPCR instrument's detector than traditional clear Tubes. The improved signal reflection ensures that even the lowest levels of fluorescence are detected. White well walls also stop signal from passing through to the cycler block where it can be inconsistently reflected or absorbed, leading to increase noise levels in detected fluorescence. This keeps variations in the cycler block from affecting qPCR data. Our white PCR plastics increases sensitivity, reduces variability and increases the signal-to-noise ratio within the qPCR assay.

Clear tubes provide peace of mind in being able to verify pipetting steps right after each pipetting action, as you can see the reagent added into the well as you intended. Clear tubes are suitable for most applications.


Standard Profile vs. Low Profile

Standard-profile (full-height; around 21.0 mm) wells are “standard” relative to the low-profile tubes and fit in most classical thermal cyclers and real-time PCR detection systems, such as Bio-Rad's iCycler®, iQ™ series real-time PCR detection systems, and Applied Biosystems' regular PCR systems and DNA sequencers. These tubes let you use large reaction volumes.  These tubes reduce risk-splashing caused cross-over contamination, minimizing the risk of well-to-well cross contamination.

Low-profile (around 15.5 mm) wells are the newer design that reduces the potential for condensate formation and offers advantages for light capture in fluorescence assays, low-volume reactions, and fast PCR. They have been recommended for newer instruments such as Bio-Rad's C1000 Touch™ and S1000™ thermal cyclers, CFX series real-time PCR detection systems, and Applied Biosystems' fast PCR systems. Low profile tubes reduce dead space and increase PCR efficiency.

Please consult the manual of the PCR system, if necessary or ask us. Instruments with adjustable lids can usually use both standard-profile and low-profile wells. These instruments include Bio-Rad's 1000-series and DNA Engine® series thermal cyclers. Some systems require standard profile or low profile tubes only.


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