UltraSlim LED illuminator

GSLB-01, GSLB-01w

This transilluminator can be used o bench to view gels placed on it, or in gel doc systems to view and document gels, with a compact size 21 cm(W) x 21cm (D) x 3 cm(H)mm.

LED light source within the transilluminator provides blue light.

with a sharp emission peak at 470 nm, well suited for the exciting most dyes used in nucleic acid and protein gel analysis

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This product comes with a color choice for the base unit: GSLB-01 (Black), or GSLB-01w (White )

• Small size with only 3 cm high, THINNEST transilluminator available anywhere.

• With the LED design, you can cut bands off agarose gel on your bench, without the UV safety goggles or faceshields.

• Light weight, you can share this box with your colleagures in the lab

• LED design also means that your DNA sample is safe from UV damage, so are you face, hands and skins.

• High detection sensitivity supporting detection of DNA bands with as low as 0.5 ng

• High uniformity, <10% coefficient of variance (CV) across the main viewing area


• Dimensions (cm): 21D x 21W x 3H

• Viewing surface (cm): 12D x 7W

• Sensitivity: as low as 0.5 ng

• Uniformity: < 10 % CV (coefficient of variance)

• LED Wavelength (nm): 470

• Power: 24V - 1.25A

• Weight (kg): 2.3

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