UltraBright LED Transilluminator


You can use three wavelengths in the same instrument to view gels by changing the filters on the camera. This way, with this single systems, you can view different gels in your lab.

The corresponding filters are optional accessories and we only the two specific types of filter for 470 (B) / 530 (G).

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-Safe to use, as you are not working with UV

• Providing robust R/G/B LEDs for excitation

• Three wavelengths supported in a single transilluminator

• Delta LED configuration

• provieding a high degree of uniformity across entire viewing area


• Illumination type: LED

• Wavelength (nm): 470nm (Blue), 530nm (Green), 630nm (Red)

• Dimension (mm): 340L*280W*80H

• Viewing surface (mm): 160D*200W

• LED lamps arrangement: Delta matrix

• LED lifetime: 50,000 hrs

• Weight (Kg): 3.6

• Power: 24V - 1.25A

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