Want to have a better, environmentally conscientious way to keep your reagents cool during your procedures?

MaestroGen eCooler is a portable cooler for all your experimental needs

It is cooled quickly for you to start your experiment when you are ready.

Chuck the ice bucket, use the digital eCooler.

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-automatically cools to 4°C with a press of power button.

-<10 minutes from room temperature to 4°C,

- temperature with half a degree of 4°C

-you get uniform temperature across the entire block

-no need for wet ice, great to avoid smearing your tube labels, and your bench

-very quiet operation with only 19 dB-A

-Portable-take it anywhere in the lab:
-Cooler box can be detached from base, for added convenience, providing 4°C for > 25 minutes without base

-it helps to organize the sample during pipetting as all tubes are aligned perfectly

Use it for microcentrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, and 96-well PCR plates (unskirted & semi-skirted)

-you can also save your energy bill and help with the environment:
Saving in energy >80% when it is compared to that required to make ice by ice machines. Each eCooler unit is estimated to reduce net CO2 emission by 2.67MT annually.


• Cooling Device: two Peltier chips

• Power Supply: 12VDC adaptor

• Aluminum Rack: 1.5 mL 12 holes / 0.2 mL 48 holes for microcentrifuge tubes

• Steady State Temperature: -0.5 ~ 0.5 °C

• Temperature Accuracy: within ± 1°C

• Cooling Speed: 10 min from R.T. ( ≤ 25℃) to below 4°C

• Temperature Maintenance without cooling module: < 4°C ; > 25 min

• Noise: 19 dB-A

• Temperature Display: LCD

• Dimension (DxWxH cm): 22 x 17 x 19

• Weight (Kg): 2.2 Kg.

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