iTrack Pipette Tracking System


Ever have the frustrating experience of almost completing a 96-well plate, only to be disturbed by a colleague in the wrong time and forgetting which is the last well you added your template DNA?

With iTrack, you can add a sample, it will instantly record it and keep a log for you. So that you can pause for all kinds of breaks, mental or body, or colleague bugging breaks.

Ideal for NGS/GMP labs.

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Use it to cut down error rates, or cut down your stress level, avoid necessary start-over (=waste in your time) in your experiments
The iTrack Pipette Tracking system is also compatible with audit trail in GLP and GMP test procedures, next generation sequencing (NGS).
-Contact us if you need assistance in qualification, verification and validation of the iTrack Pipette Tracking System in your procedures.

iTrack sensors detect pipetting actions

- you do not need to program pipetting protocols, just use it.

-if you prefer to set up a protocol and follow it during pipetting, you can do so.

-you do not need to press any button, just do your pipetting. (This is different from some other products out there, which does need you to pipette and then press a button each time to pipette. )

You have options for sensor scanning layer configuration:

1. The Higher layer is used for 96-well plates or tubes configured in this format

2. The Lower layer is used for 384-well microplates

You can also choose to either use a single- channel pipette or a multi-channel (8-channel or 12-channel) pipettes.

Compatible PipetteSingle-, 8-, & 12-channel (fixed space)
Compatible Tip0.1 - 1,000 µL
Compatible Microplate / Tube96-Well Microplate (height < 23.5 mm)
(PCR, ELISA, storage…)384-Well Microplate (height < 11 mm)
8-tube / 12-tube strips
Control SystemAndroid Tablet
CPU & RAMQuad-Core A9 1.6GHZ, 1G DDR3 RAM
Storage8 GB NAND Flash, MicroSD supports 64GB
PortsMicroSD, MicroUSB, power, headset
Display8” Capacitive Touch Screen, 1,024 x 768 pixel
CamerasFront / 2MP Back
Operation Voltage100-240V / 0.3A (Tablet)
Operation Power Consumption5V / 0.5A
Battery3.7V – 3500mAh
Scan Light SourceIR Light-Emitting Diode
>Scan Frequency200 - 500 Hz
Detection Time0.5 - 3 sec.
Size255mm x 230mm x 54mm (10” x 9” x 2”)
Weight>1.9 Kg (4.1 lb)

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