Micro-volume Spectrophotometer


Use Micro-volume Spectrophotometer to measure small volume of DNA, RNA, protein.

The Nano style micro-volume spectrophotometer has an easy user-interface, provides accurate determination, several unique features, is stylish and is offered at a low price that you can afford!

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MaestroNano Pro has a novel design, in optics, with no need for optical fiber.

Our vertical slide design ensures that the sample measuring area is not damaged easily by wears and tears and you can to use the instrument for a long time to come.

MaestroNano Pro provides accurate measurement of nucleic acids from 2 to 2000 (ng/μL) in concentration and is amenable with ambient light setting so that you do not have to turn off lights when you use the MaestroNano Pro spectrophotometer.

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Measurement Sample Size2 ul
Measurement Data Output(A)OD230nm, OD260nm, OD280nm, OD320nm
(B)Sample concentration (ng/ul)
(C)OD260nm/OD230nm, OD260nm/OD280nm
Minimum Concentration2 ng/ul (dsDNA)
Maximum Concentration2,000 ng/ul (dsDNA)
Light Propagation MaterialQuartz glass
Absorbance Range (10mm)0.04 ~ 40
Pathlength~0.5 mm
Measurement Time< 5 sec
Operation SystemAndroid OS (ver. 4.4.3)
LCD Resolution7 inches, 1024(W)X 600(H) dots matrix
Light SourceXenon flash lamp
Internal Storage32GB
Data Output InterfaceThermal printer
Data Connection interface1. Wi-Fi X 1 (USB dongle)
2. OTG USB X 1 (connected to PC to access)
3. Ethernet X 1 (RJ-45)
4. USB X 2
MaintenanceAuto diagnosis, Calibration Program,
Fixed pathlength
Operating Voltage12 V
Dimensions26(W) X 26(D) X 20(H) cm
Weight4.2 Kg

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