Enhanced ECL Chemiluminescence Detection Kit

Enhanced ECL Chemiluminescence Detection Kit

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· High quality western developing reagent

· Optimized formula, enhanced luminous intensity

· Strong anti-fade ability


Compatible with film exposure and CCD scanning
This kit uses chemiluminescence to detect protein or nucleic acid biomacromolecules. The principle is that the protein or nucleic acid is transferred to the blot membrane after electrophoresis, and the target protein on the membrane is bound by the primary antibody and the horseradish peroxidase HRP-labeled secondary antibody, or the HRP-labeled probe is directly or indirectly bound to the membrane Nucleic acid on. After washing the membrane, use the ECL working solution prepared by this product to incubate the membrane at room temperature for several minutes under visible light, wrap the blotted membrane with plastic wrap and stick it on the X-ray film exposure cassette. Then transfer to a dark room and press the X-ray film on the film for exposure for a few seconds to a few minutes to a few hours. After developing and fixing, protein or nucleic acid bands can be clearly displayed on X-ray film. It is also possible to directly scan the blotted membrane with CCD without X-ray film exposure.

Furthermore, the optimized Buffer A and Buffer B enables high stability and reliability, avoiding non-specific bands, background bands, or quenching