Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs are a preferred specimen type for optimal sensitivity (reference 1)

Nasal swabs, especially when used in the combined swabbing of Throat and both Nares when NP specimen cannot be collected, is a preferred specimen type among non NP-options (reference 1)

Saliva Collection kits Please contact us.

Contact us: info@genebiosystems.com or call 647 770 8019

Viral Transport Media (VTMs)

VTM Type 1- Hanks Balanced Salt Solution-based on CDC SOP (reference 3), labelled and validated for sterility (reference 2) are one of the preferred transport medium types (references 1-5).  This type of media do not inactivate the viruses that may be present in the collected sample.

VTM Type 2: the Guanidium HCl based-VTM is equivalent to the transport medium from Cobas PCR Media Dual Swab Sample Packet, is another preferred transport medium type (references 1-5). This type of media inactivates the viruses and protects viral RNA that may be present in the collected sample.

We also offer sterile saline-filled transport medium tubes with/without the swabs. 

Individually wrapped swabs alone, or VTM alone or kits containing both swab and VTM from several qualified manufacturers are available.

Please talk to us re: technical and pricing information and arranging trial samples.


KingFisher replacement reagents, One-step qRT probe UDG reagents, and other testing supplies

We have in stock KingFisher replacement reagents, One-step qRT probe UDG reagents, all are proven and validated in Canada and US. 

Magnetic beads: GB-Magic RNA Beads Cat. #: N412-01 https://www.genebiosystems.com/magnetic-beads/260759-gb-magic-rna-beads.html; similar magnetic beads with procedural use conditions optimized for isolating viral RNA, are also available.

We also supply PCR, Reverse Transcription PCR and Real-time (quantitative PCR reagents along with consumable plastics such as filter tips. Please ask us.



1. GeneBio Systems has a MDEL license from Health Canada

2. At this time, we are not supplying COVID-19 RNA isolation kits or test kits.

Testing Services

For testing solutions, including PCR testing and rapid antigen testing, please contact us at patrick@genebiosystems.com


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Contact us: info@genebiosystems.com