Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs are a preferred specimen type for optimal sensitivity (reference 1)

Nasal swabs, especially when used in the combined swabbing of Throat and both Nares when NP specimen cannot be collected, is a preferred specimen type among non NP-options (reference 1)

Saliva Collection kits Please contact us.

Viral Transport Media (VTMs)

VTM Type 1- Hanks Balanced Salt Solution-based on CDC SOP (reference 3), labelled and validated for sterility (reference 2) are one of the preferred transport medium types (references 1-5).  This type of media do not inactivate the viruses that may be present in the collected sample.

VTM Type 2: the Guanidium HCl based-VTM is equivalent to the transport medium from Cobas PCR Media Dual Swab Sample Packet, is another preferred transport medium type (references 1-5). This type of media inactivates the viruses and protects viral RNA that may be present in the collected sample.

  Individually wrapped swabs alone, or VTM alone or kits containing both swab and VTM from several qualified manufacturers are available.

Please talk to us re: technical and pricing information and arranging trial samples.


Other testing supplies

Magnetic beads: GB-Magic RNA Beads Cat. #: N412-01 https://www.genebiosystems.com/magnetic-beads/260759-gb-magic-rna-beads.html; similar magnetic beads with procedural use conditions optimized for isolating viral RNA, are also available.

We also supply PCR, Reverse Transcription PCR and Real-time (quantitative PCR reagents along with consumable plastics such as filter tips. Please ask us.



1. GeneBio Systems has a MDEL license from Health Canada

2. At this time, we are not supplying COVID-19 RNA isolation kits or test kits.



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