The GeneBio Guarantee. 

GeneBio Systems prides itself on the value, quality and customer service it provides through its products and services, and we are passionate about providing customers with outstanding value for money.

Quality and Performance Guarantee

As a primary antibody, protein, ELISA, and cDNA clone, biology and molecular supplier we stand behind the quality of every reagent tube of these products that we sell to you. We have performed extensive testing, as well as a thorough review of published scientific literature, to recommend the antibodies and other reagents for suitable applications.

If our catalog antibody or reagent product does not perform to specification as described on its datasheet, our technical service team will work with you to troubleshoot the issue. If we cannot satisfactorily resolve the issue, we will provide you with a free replacement or a 100% refund for the product!

Primary and secondary antibodies are guaranteed for one year from date of receipt. Bioactive proteins are guaranteed for 2 years. Other peptides and proteins are guaranteed for three months from date of receipt. For other product types, please view the datasheet or ask us.

Your success in what you do, sometimes involving our products and services, is the key to our success.

If you are not satisfied with any of our products and services, let us know why and we will do our best to make it right – guaranteed!