Here are what our customers are saying-

 “After continued difficulty amplifying a 4 kb viral genome fragment using a variety of well-known high fidelity polymerases, the only solution I found was using PaCeR. It not only amplified what other products were unable to but amplified it to a great degree. Additionally, being a high-fidelity

polymerase, the error rates were very low. This has become my polymerase of choice for molecular cloning. The price is very affordable and the representatives are incredibly helpful." 

                           ―Ms. Olivia Roscow, Professor Baozhong Meng Lab,  University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada 


 “Your Sybr Green Master mix and  custom PCR products worked exceptionally well when tested by our research team. The quality and performance was  excellent, and equals or even exceeds those of more expensive  products from other suppliers that generally cost 50-100% more! We will continue to use GeneBio's products and look forward to evaluating and using other products offered by your company" 

                           ―Professor Frank Merante, Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 “We compared GeneBio's filter tips in 96-count racks with those of two other companies. Tips from your company have better fit with our two different types of pipettors. The tips were truly low liquid retention and at the same time did not cause a bubble at the end of tip after aspiration, 

when compared to similar products we purchased in the past from other suppliers. In terms of prices, your tips were clearly better.  I highly

recommend GeneBio’s filter tips" 

                           ―Ms. Lily Yan, Research Scientist,  CustomBiologicsTM, Toronto, Ontario