Hot Spots-Amlicons Sequencing

Reagents for Hot Spots-Amlicons Sequencing

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  • CAD$1,300.00

    VAHTS AmpSeq Library Prep Kit is based on ultra-multiplex PCR, employing several core techniques including end primer digestion, and adaptor ligation to construct amplicon libraries. The whole workflow is completed in one tube without need for cleanups. The minimum procedure time is 4 h from sample amplification to constructed libraries.  Size: 24...

  • CAD$1,000.00

    VAHTS AmpSeq Cancer HotSpot Panel is designed to amplify 207 amplicons covering approximately 2,800 COSMIC mutations from 50 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. In combination with VAHTS AmpSeq Library Prep Kit (Vazyme #NA101), highly uniform libraries of multi-amplicons for targeted regions can be obtained. 

  • CAD$1,400.00

    VAHTSTM AmpSeq Cancer HotSpot Panel contains 207 primer pairs that can be used to amplify hotspot mutation regions of human tumor-related genes. The products cover a total of 50 proto-oncogenes and suppressor genes.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items