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  • CAD$1,900.00

    Discover-scTM WTA Kit V2 can use total RNA from 1-1000 cells or 10 pg- 10 ng total RNA as template, via first-strand cDNA synthesis and amplification, to achieve enough amount of sample for sequencing analysis, thereby solves the technical problems that sequencing analysis cannot be accomplished by regular mRNA-seq because of low RNA content in small...

  • CAD$660.00

    The Single Cell Full Length mRNA Amplification Kit can use 1-500 cells or 10 pg-10 ng of total RNA as a template, using Oligo(dT) VN Primer as a reverse transcription primer for cDNA synthesis, and using the reverse transcription enzyme Sc Reverse Transcriptase. 

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items