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Hot Start PCR is to install an on-off switch for your PCR reactions. Specifically, the activity of the polymerase is controlled at temperatures below the reaction temperatures and turned on when the reaction temperatures are reached. The Hot Start PCR provides the benefits of higher sensitivity of detection, high specificity and low background reactions-i.e., low or no amplification in non-template control reactions. 

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  • CAD$83.00

    GB-Amp™ HotStart Taq DNA polymerase is a hot-start polymerase with chemical modification, which brings higher specificity by reducing non-specific products as the enzyme activity is temperature-dependent and is inhibited at room temperature. The amplification length and speed can reach to 5 kb (simple template) and 0.5 kb/min separately. 

  • CAD$60.00

    This product includes our Hotstart DNA Polymerse, dNTPs, and an optimized buffer system that allows for amplification by simply adding primers and templates, reducing pipetting and improving throughput and reproducibility. A protective agent added to the amplification system allows the 2 × Master Mix to maintain stable activity after repeated freeze-thaw...

  • CAD$100.00

    Cold sensitive mutant (CSM) Taq polymerases is a kind of HotStart Polymerase, from amutant Ecoli. CSM Taq polymerase, unlike the monoclonal antibody based hot start Taq or chemical modified hot start Taq, retains the hot start ability throughout the whole amplification duration, i.e., all cycles. Cold sensitive mutant Taq polymerase is uniquely suited for...

  • CAD$105.00

    A proven robust PCR enzyme, GB-AMP™ HP™ PaCeR™ DNA Polymerase is suitable for all types of PCR, i.e., High Fidelity, Long PCR, high GC/complex targets, Fast PCR, Direct PCR, as well as routine PCR, you have found it in this versatile and robust PCR reagent. It was compared to Phusion (Thermo) and 8 other enzymes and found to be the best all-round PCR DNA...

  • CAD$110.00

    GB-AMP™ PaCeR™ HP™ DNA Polymerase is a superior performance, highly flexible enzyme for robust PCR with extreme fidelity, featuring 53x error rate lower than Taq polymerase and extension rate as fast as 1 sec / kb*.  This product is also capable of amplifying long fragments such as 20 kb genomic DNA and 40 kb λDNA.  View the PaCeR Brochure Here. 

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items