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PCR plates and Tubes (strips or individual tubes)

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  • CAD$69.00

    Size: 125 strips 8-strip PCR Tubes with Caps; Made in ISO9001:2008 certified clean room, DNase and RNase-free. Autoclavable at 121 C,  freezable to -80 C.   Available options: a) Low Profile (lower height, 0.1 ml wells) vs. Standard Profile (higher, 0.2 ml wells); b) White tubes (0.1mL only) vs. transparent; c) individually attached cap on tube, or...

  • CAD$125.00

    Sizes: 25 plates or 100 plates 8 different designs of PCR plates, choice of: a) Low Profile (lower height, smaller volume wells) vs. Standard Profile (higher, larger volume wells);b) White plates vs. transparent (clear) plates c) Semi-skirted Plates vs. Non-skirted Plates;  Please select your options when placing your order. Ask us if you need help. 

  • CAD$175.00

    Size: 25 plates/Pack 384-Well PCR Plates Transparent skirted 384-well PCR plates, designed for high-throughput instruments, made with polypropylene. Volume of each well is 25 ul. Skirted to maintain rigidity of the plate. 

  • CAD$40.00

    Size: 1000 tubes PCR Tubes with Flat Cap, or Domed Cap, 0.2mL Designed to fit standard 96-well blocks. Axygen™ PCR Tubes with Flat Cap or Semi-domed Cap, 0.2ml  are constructed of non-sterile polypropylene. Each conical tube features thin and consistent wall thickness. Tight-fitting cap secures contents and prevents evaporation. PCR tubes with Flat Cap,...

  • CAD$99.00

    Size: 250 strips of tubes with caps 4- Strip PCR Tubes and Caps for Corbett Rotor-Gene™         Offers lower background fluorescence          Better signal-to-noise ratio          Reduced evaporation          Capacity: 0.1mL, Working volume: 0.07mL          With frosted cap extensions          Easy snap and lock caps

  • CAD$35.00

    Sealing Film is for sealing multi-well plates, including 96-well plates and 384-well plates. Suitable for real-time PCR in quantitative PCR applications. Also suitable for end-point PCR and ELISA and other applications in which a plate is required to be sealed during incubation. 

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items