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Smart Gadgets, including pipette tracking device, ice-free cooler

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  • CAD$2,400.00

    Ever have the frustrating experience of almost completing a 96-well plate, only to be disturbed by a colleague in the wrong time and forgetting which is the last well you added your template DNA? With iTrack, you can add a sample, it will instantly record it and keep a log for you. So that you can pause for all kinds of breaks, mental or body, or...

  • CAD$1,250.00

    Want to have a better, environmentally conscientious way to keep your reagents cool during your procedures? MaestroGen eCooler is a portable cooler for all your experimental needs It is cooled quickly for you to start your experiment when you are ready. Chuck the ice bucket, use the digital eCooler.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items