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In terms of detection, there are two ways of detecting PCR products-one is the conventional method that has been used since the beginning of PCR, that is to analyze the PCR reactions using agarose gel electrophoresis. Since this is done at the end of a PCR run, this type of PCR is called end-point PCR 

A newer type is the real-time PCR, in which a fluorescent probe is used in PCR reactions, and a fluorescent reading is made in each cycle of amplification. As amplification takes place, the fluorescence will be increasing to the extent that it is significant. Typically, as soon as amplification reaches a threshold, it will be detected. Therefore, this type of PCR is referred to as real-time PCR. 

In general a real-time PCR reaction in which DNA template concentration is high is amplified in shorter time, or fewer cycles than that in which DNA template concentration is low. This has become the basis of quantifying DNA template concentration using real-time PCR.  This real-time PCR subtype is often referred to as quantitative PCR or qPCR. 

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  • CAD$45.00

    This product is a Taq DNA polymerase-based 2 x master mix for real-time PCR (with Sybr Green I), which contains all components, except for your primers and template. This reagent is applicable for intercalating dye assay with SYBR® Green I. This product is offered in three options, a) No-reference dye; b) Low-Rox pre-mixed; c) High-Rox pre-mixed. Please...

  • CAD$60.00

    GB-Amp™  Universal SYBR ® qPCR Master Mix, featuring an efficient Hot-Start Champagne Taq DNA Polymerase , is specially designed for SYBR Green I based quantitative PCR (qPCR).  This product is the most convenient for users who want to consolidate master mix products for their lab's multiple real-time (or quantitative) PCR platforms with variable ROX...

  • CAD$65.00

    GB-Amp™ qPCR Probe Master Mix is designed for probe-based qPCR. Our hot-start DNA Polymerase and an optimized buffer significantly improve its sensitivity and specificity for qPCR. This kit is a 2× premixed ready-to-use reagent and can be used for robust and low-template qPCR with high sensitivity and specificity.  

  • CAD$103.00

    TransStart® Green qPCR SuperMix UDG is a ready-to-use qPCR cocktail containing all components, except primer and template. It contains TransStart® Taq DNA Polymerase, UDG, SYBR Green I, dNTPs, PCR enhancer and stabilizer. qPCR SuperMix is provided at 2× concentration and can be used at 1× concentration by adding template, primer, passive reference dye...

  • CAD$65.00

    Power Green qPCR Mix is a ready-to-use, 2x concentrated mix, featuring the HotStart Taq DNA polymerase with a chemical modification and aptamer-based inhibitors, both rendering the enzyme completely inactive when the temperature below 45 ℃.  The enzymatic activity is fully restored when the temperature reaches 68 ℃. Suitable for qPCR applications...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items