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  • PCR Workstations: used to separate and clean areas for various steps in PCR reaction setup, these workstations have dedicated work surfaces that can be clean, UV irradiated, with optional positive pressure laminar flow air handling. Ideally suited for setting up master mixes, aliquoting reagents and adding DNA templates. 

  • Biosafety Cabinets (BSC) and Balance Enclosures: these cabinets are must-haves for protection of operators, samples and environments when cell culture is performed. The Balance Enclosures are required when toxic, dusty and volatile chemicals are weighed, aliquoted, weighed, packaged, or otherwise handled. 

  • Nano Spectrophotometers: For DNA work, if you need to quickly assess the DNA concentration or purity, you must use these Nano Spectrophotometers, which work with 2 ul of sample, not the conventional spectrophotometers that require the use of cuvetts, which require 200 ul or more samples. N.B. Molecular biological experiments use 1-10 ul of DNA solutions. 

  • Smart Gadgets: eCooler is a ice-free cooler with tube organizers so that you do not need to use ice buckets. iTrack pipetting Track system lets you reduce stress during pipetting as each time you pipette, it records that action for you. You can safely pause anytime, you get audit trails for cGMP and GLP-compliance. Work smartly with these gadgets. 

  • Gel Viewing/ Documentation Systems: Agarose Gel Electrophoresis requires the results to be viewed using transilluminators. Sensitive and well-designed transilluminators let you see results with high sensitivity and with greater convenience. For both agarose and polyacrylamide gels, you need to document the results to get images of your gel results, for your notebook, project binder and for your presentations and publications. Maestrogen's gel document systems fill a void among available gel documentation systmes with a high feature/price ratio. 

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  • CAD$7,600.00

    Use Micro-volume Spectrophotometer to measure small volume of DNA, RNA, protein. The Nano style micro-volume spectrophotometer has an easy user-interface, provides accurate determination, several unique features, is stylish and is offered at a low price that you can afford!

  • CAD$2,400.00

    Ever have the frustrating experience of almost completing a 96-well plate, only to be disturbed by a colleague in the wrong time and forgetting which is the last well you added your template DNA? With iTrack, you can add a sample, it will instantly record it and keep a log for you. So that you can pause for all kinds of breaks, mental or body, or...

  • CAD$1,250.00

    Want to have a better, environmentally conscientious way to keep your reagents cool during your procedures? MaestroGen eCooler is a portable cooler for all your experimental needs It is cooled quickly for you to start your experiment when you are ready. Chuck the ice bucket, use the digital eCooler.

  • CAD$1,240.00

    Suitable for view DNA/RNA, protein gels. This product comes with a choice of small viewing area (GMLB-16) or a large viewing area (GMLB-21) Rationale design to provide high functionality and compact size.

  • CAD$1,450.00

    You can use three wavelengths in the same instrument to view gels by changing the filters on the camera. This way, with this single systems, you can view different gels in your lab. The corresponding filters are optional accessories and we only the two specific types of filter for 470 (B) / 530 (G).

  • CAD$900.00

    This transilluminator is small. You can tuck it away in a drawer. Use it to view DNA gels, RNA gels, protein gels, agarose gels and PAGE gels and blots

  • CAD$1,000.00

    This transilluminator can be used o bench to view gels placed on it, or in gel doc systems to view and document gels, with a compact size 21 cm(W) x 21cm (D) x 3 cm(H)mm. LED light source within the transilluminator provides blue light. with a sharp emission peak at 470 nm, well suited for the exciting most dyes used in nucleic acid and protein gel analysis

  • CAD$6,150.00

    Looking for a high performance LED gel viewing Imager, The Slider LED Imager lets you view and document gels of all kinds safely in one, with high degree of sensitivity. And yes, you can also cut bands from agarose gels right on the Slider LED Imager, withou needing the face shield or the goggle.

  • CAD$6,150.00

    Provides high sensitivity for DNA and protein gel photography. It is EASY to operate without to take out the memory card when accross the digital image files. Also, Slider imager is easy for gel CUTTING right after gel photography. It can also be used for viewing gels.

  • CAD$2,900.00

    MiniCute imager, compact size, compatible for UV or blue LED transilluminators

  • CAD$3,028.00

    Purair PCR Dead Air cabinets/workstations are available in three sizes with various options. PCR Workstations/Cabinets are shipped fully assembled The integral UV lamp fixtures are pre-installed.. For desktop use, on an optional base stand or mobile cart. Constructed of steel with a microbial powder finish coating.

  • CAD$12,750.00

    The Purair® BIO BSC is designed to protect operators, the environment, and products from a variety of biological particulates, serving life science research and experimentation. A Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet, the Purair BIO minimizes and contains Biosafety Level 1-3 agents, keeping negative pressure inside the cabinet during operation to prevent...

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items